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Welcome to Nat Taylor Web Designs, offering forward looking web design that clients love for years and straight-forward web design services that solve clients' problems. As you browse our designs, learn about our services, read about us, please contact us if we can help you or if you have any questions. Remember, we serve primarily the Greater Boston area and pride ourselves on you and your users' satisafaction.


The following is a showcase of some of our favorite designs.

Jim Taylor Yacht Designs » ⇒

Jim's designs are featured with vivid photograph, line plans, specs, design summaries and reviews.

  • WordPress
  • Responsive
  • Social Media

Rhodes 19 Nationals » ⇒

Designed to feature different content and calls-to-action as the event date approached while being extremely accessible and intuitive.

  • Static
  • Responsive

Rhodes 19 Fleet 5 » ⇒

Serve's as a central location and archive for Fleet news, dates, photos and prose.

  • WordPress
  • Photo Galleries


Our services include complete websites, website maintenance & updates and website consulting. Please contact us if we can help you or if you have any questions. Remember, we pride ourselves on you and your users' satisafaction.

Complete Websites

We sepecialize in complete websites involving design and development of both new sites and redesigns.

Website Maintenance & Upgrades

We also provide services to site owners in need of maintenance and upgrades.

Website Consulting

We consult on a broad range of website topics including search engine optimization (SEO,) content creation, social media strategy, multi-device (responsive) strategy, online marketing, web hosting, website software tutorials and more.

Working with Us

We pride ourselves on being a pleasure to work with by keeping our client load low and communicating clearly, concisely and frequently.

Case Studies

Our focus on client satisfaction has resulted in success over a broad range of designs.

Company Showcase for Jim Taylor Yacht Designs

Jim is a repeat customer who engages with us on an ongoing basis. We first designed his site for 56K modems, so the redesign goals were to showcase his designs with vivid imagery and increase organic search traffic. The result drove a ten-fold increase in search traffic and showcases more than 30 designs with descriptions, photography, plans and press coverage. It is a fast loading site that works on all types of devices built in WordPress, so that he can make changes.

Website Maintenance for Rhodes 19 Fleet 5 (Pro Bono)

Prior to being selected as the webmaster, we completed some website maintenance for Fleet 5 that involved a domain transfer, website migration (including database) and email migration -- of which went smoothly.


Nat Taylor Web Designs provides forward looking web design and services in Greater Boston.


Nat Taylor
Nat Taylor

Nat Taylor is AdTech professional engaging in freelance web developer on the side. In his career he has served as a web developer, online marketer, product marketer and product manager all in the AdTech industry. Nat stays true to his Marblehead roots and is an avid sailor. He earned a degree in physics with minors in mathematics and computer science from Connecticut College.

History & Greater Boston Roots

Founded in Marblehead, MA in 2000, we now operate in Boston serving clients primarily in the Greater Boston Area. We have a long history of giving back, usually in the form of pro bono design and maintenance.


We strive to combine creativity, state-of-the-art techniques, accepted best pratices and attention to detail with the hope of achieving aestetics, usability and longevity so that site owners can pay a fair price today and get a site that is highly valuable for years to come and remains universally and indefinitely accessible.

Career Highlights

Technical Skills

Nat is always learning and currently an expert with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Bash, WordPress & Photoshop, and proficient with many other technologies..

About This Page

This page should load in well under 1-second on almost any device and any connection because it is a static file that includes just 4 resources for a total compressed size of 154KB, which is around 90%-95% smaller and faster than most sites. While it is a simple design, it showcases our core principle of forward-looking technology.


You can email Nat at about new or existing business and for support.